Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs
Devilled eggs

I absolutely love food photography.  The whole process of it…cooking a great meal, smelling the aromas wafting through the kitchen, designing the best way for the food to grace the plate, and then of course capturing the best shot of it.  Here is a view of one of my favorite snappetizers (snack or appetizer).  Devilled eggs…who can resist???


Pretty Pentas

Purple Pentas in bloom
Purple Pentas in bloom

I have always loved butterflies!  Hence, last year I decided it was time to plant a butterfly garden.  It was such fun, looking up plans and finding out which flowers drew the little winged beauties in.  The pictured Pentas did a lovely job (as did the Zinnias I had dropped in nearby), and I just had to capture how beautiful they looked, particularly after a watering left delicate droplets on their petals.



Four frames have set my journey in motion to finally share my art and photography with the world. I have travelled a long road to get here. Photography and creativity have been passions of mine since I can remember.  Even as a child, I recall relishing my discount store, long, boxy Kodak camera.  Well equipped with a wrist strap for flingability reduction, this apparatus allowed me to capture a moment in time and observe what I saw in front of me in many new ways. Throughout my youth, friends posed for impromptu fashion shoots, my dogs learned to “stay” (“staaay, staaaaaaay”) so I could back up and capture them sitting nicely, and my BMX bicycle defied gravity as I stood it up, let go of handlebar, and quickly captured a shot of the bike seemingly standing up on its own. I was sure that is how people in the bike magazines did it. I decided to get creative and have the photo lab print those bike shots in black and white. Whoa! What a cool way to draw the eye towards shapes and contrasts. I still think black and white shots are amazing.
My love affair with art, although longstanding, really developed during my last few years of high school. I can remember first laboring over it in art class. Pencil drawings were tough for me. I could recreate shapes and forms, but contrast was a challenge. My art teacher taught me to use darker darks and the full spectrum of graphite. I worked hard at that, coloring things in darker, even when my brain said I was done. A practice  which still serves me today. I drew quite a bit during that time and then dabbled in oil painting years later. Texture. I love the texture of thickly applied paints and how they could mimic reality. I am a realist, but oddly fell for the work of Vincent Van Gogh during college. He still remains my favorite painter. Currently, I am learning the ins and outs of watercolor. Tough.
So here I am now with these four frames. I have been storing my photographs for quite some time or haphazardly sharing them with people via social media. I had thoughts of sharing my work on an even grander scale or even selling some of it, but they were fleeting, and it never seemed that I was fully ready to do things in the proper manner. That ended when I was shopping a few days ago and happened upon the four frames that you see in my header and in this post. They stood out to me. Stand alone beautiful and even better as presenters of my art and photography, I was so inspired by them, I decided to incorporate them into my blog and identity (plus it was a bit of a pun…as my work is “for frames”). A lovely first milestone on what I hope to be a wondrous journey. I am going to print a few photos, put them in these frames and see what happens.