Setting Up Shop

After much research, preparation, personal confidence boosting, and time, I have finally opened a shop on Etsy! I have to admit, I went back and forth about it for some time.  What about taxes?  Should I offer international sales?  Will I have the time to get things to my customers in a timely manner if it gets busy?  How do I account for raw goods (I currently own a business in the service industry, so this was all new to me)?  It has taken a couple of months to gather all of the information I felt I needed, along with supplies to stock up the shop.  However, I can say it has been a lovely journey and I have learned so much and gained so much confidence along the way!  I know it will still be some time until people really become aware of my shop and start putting things in demand, however I enjoy being part of the Etsy community and the art community as a whole.  For anyone contemplating a bold move in their lives, I say go for it!

My first Etsy listing:  Flutter Blue
My first Etsy listing: Flutter Blue

The Principles of Design: Color Harmony

Great article about how colors relate. I have again fallen in love with my color wheel!

The Daily Post

Hi bloggers! My name’s Kjell Reigstad, and I’m a designer at Automattic. This is part three in my monthly series on “The Principles of Design.” In this series, I share some of the basic tenets of design, and we explore how to apply them to your blog.

So far, we’ve discussed clarity and visual hierarchy.

Colors can be very powerful. They stir up our emotions, convey personal and cultural messages, and set the mood. A bright red can shout “Stop!” while a deep blue can be calming and quiet. While individual colors say a lot on their own, most of what we see in the world involves more than one color. The way those colors work together is called color harmony.

Have you ever noticed that a bright pink rose stands out against a green bush? Or that a blue top goes well with khaki pants? That’s basic

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Delightful Display

Easel made from twigs
Easel made from twigs

I wanted a unique way to display my art for sale, and so had this idea to create an easel out of the twigs in my garden.  This is what resulted.  I do really like the way it turned out, but my next challenge is to tie it in with the more modern approach I took with my logo (this is reading “shabby chic” to me right now)

Perhaps I can add some colored flowers around the edge that match my color palette?  Hmmm…this should be an interesting challenge.

Hummingbird No. 1

Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird
Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird

I have finally finished my latest painting and have fallen in love with the rich colors and detail I was able to add to this it.  I wasn’t always enamored with this piece and thought about filing it away in the garbage can a few times.  I still struggle with the fact that watercolor paintings often don’t look very composed until the very end, and so at some points this bird looked like an hummingbird outlined colorblock quilt.  Good thing my daughter convinced me to keep forging ahead!  As colors started becoming richer and blank spaces filled in, layer after layer, the hummingbird came through.  I hope you enjoy this little fellow and thanks for viewing!


The Daily Post challenge this week surrounds the word “enveloped.”  I spent the morning searching for a subject that would successfully answer the challenge and finally found an old building in town that was being devoured by plants nearby.  I love how the blanket of green seems to make the concrete feel a little less cold.