Colorful Concoction

wpid-img_20150607_233447.jpgI am really starting to love painting butterflies!  As I am currently trying to work on color saturation and trying to find the perfect balance between pigment and water, they offer me a great way to experiment.  This guy, in particular, is filled with so many colors, and I really tried to get them as true to life as possible.  I ended up putting about four layers on top of each other by the time I was finished, and I am happy with the depth of color.  The “grand finale” did give me a little bit of anxiety, as I wanted a good amount of color flow around the edges, but not too much to overwhelm and take away from the focal point.  Hopefully I achieved a decent balance.  I still need to come up with a name for this piece, while it dries.  Racking my brain…


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