Fantastic First


I am so excited that I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday!  Of course it’s always wonderful to experience the sale of goods, but really the best part of this is that someone enjoys what I create as an artist and that my creations will be in the hands of those outside of my home.  A little piece of me will now be near Washington D.C.!  I have wanted to visit there, so it’s pretty cool that there is some progress with this dream as well.  Here was my kitchen island last night, as I made sure things were matted and secured properly…


It took a bit of time for me to learn how to mat things professionally, but it was totally worth it!  I have always wanted to pass on quality to my customer, and this allows me to do that.

Here’s the final arrangement of items, just about ready to be packaged and sent (with a few surprises which shall remain secret for the fun of it).  So glad these butterflies get to fly home today!



7 thoughts on “Fantastic First”

    1. Thank you so much Carmel! I am only selling originals at the moment, as there is no print shop in my town that can make giclee prints. I look forward to having the print option in the near future, and I hope something works out well for you! I look forward to checking out your blog and wish you much Etsy success!


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