Urban Color

tall urban building
tall urban building

I spent the day in the city today.  Nashville to be exact.  I used to live there, but have spent the last few years a little closer to small town U.S.A.  When I was an urbanite, I really didn’t pay much attention to things that make a city so special and unique.  However, today, since it was almost a new experience, I really couldn’t help but pay attention to the amazing feel of the things around me.  It was hot, first of all.  Not just hot from above, but from below as well…the midday sun forming a tag team with the concrete below my feet in order to roast the restless residents who scurried up and down the streets.  There was a sort of electricity and vibrant energy coming from those people, and from the others who were just visiting.  Suits flying down the sidewalk hung below faces with a purpose.  Tourists with cameras glued to their eyes looked around and tried to take in every blinking sign, cowboy boot in a shop window, menu perched at the doorway of a restaurant, and sound of a musician playing for a drink and a dime. So much to see!  And then there were the tall, glass buildings.  Colossal in size, reflecting the blue sky and clouds creeping by (as there was no need for them to keep up with the suits).  I was in awe of how they stretched toward the sky, and suddenly I was aware of how tiny I really am.  I was also aware of the wonderful food smells wafting out of restaurants perched along almost every street.  The smell of pepperonis and cheese slowly blended in with the smell of fries and then dissipated into a smell of well-seasoned steak.  Amazing!  Vehicles honked at absent-minded pedestrians.  Greenery loomed in hanging pots and planters and along trellises in plazas to break up the flat grey sections of the landscape.  Cars perched alongside streets and moving vehicles slid by them in a constant bloodstream which gave the city life.  What an amazing experience.  I captured some wonderful images as I was strolling along the city streets, and I have grouped them in a new collection entitled “Urban Color.”  Here is a view of the first few works in this group, which is available in my etsy shop.  I hope you feel a little of the city yourself as you see what I saw.

soda display in store window
soda display in store window
red art gallery sign
red art gallery sign
urban street with greenery

5 thoughts on “Urban Color”

    1. Thank you so much. It really is a great city!!! I am originally from Europe (Germany), and would love to get back there or head more in your direction, as I have never been to Britain, Ireland, etc. My Border Collie would love Ireland I am sure :-).

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      1. Oh Germany is lovely 🙂 oh a collie would love Ireland. the perfect sheep dog terrain 🙂 Britian is lovely too.. actually i really should get over there more!! considering its only a hop over the sea.. i keep meaning to drive over on ferry and go see all the old houses like from pride and prej etc 🙂 be fab!


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