Watercolour on canvas

One of the things that is SO fun about art is experimentation. New techniques, new mediums, and in this case, new surfaces all can make something familiar turn even more exciting!

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I love watercolour. I love the runs, dribbles and happy accidents, but what I don’t like is the traditional way you have to present it. I feel that glass and the mount, puts a barrier between the viewer and the image. Of course you can tweak this by using a modern frame and choosing both frame and mount to set off your image. It is certainly true that good framing can enhance a mediocre painting. You could use a float frame, which at least gets rid of the mount and suits some subjects.

But I have been wanting to experiment with watercolour on canvas for a while. In fact I got round to priming three canvases with different medium to do a scientific experiment back at Christmas. I know, Christmas. What can I say? I’ve been busy. On the plus side, at least they are dry.

KODAK Digital Still Camera Canvas Cow

I have…

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