The Patriot

Finally finished my latest large work, “The Patriot”.  This has been my most ambitious project to date, and I learned a lot doing this piece, especially about color blending and working with straight black and white.  This boy is definitely proud to be an American, and I am so proud I got to create him!!!

Bald Eagle bleeding red, white and blue
Bald Eagle in watercolor

4 thoughts on “The Patriot”

  1. That’s awesome! I love it. My husband has asked me the other day “If you could turn into any animal and turn back in human form whenever you like which one would you be?” I had responded that I wouldn’t want to be anything crazy like a dinosaur because one I would freak out a lot of people and two I’m sure the government/scientists will find a way to capture me and study me. lol I went on to say that I’d love to turn into an American Bald Eagle because I think it would be awesome to fly and have amazing eye-sight and if I was spotted at least I know chances are noone in the United States would try to kill me. 😉

    I wish I could paint but I can’t honestly say that I’ve really attempted it. If one has to start somewhere what would you suggest?

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    1. Lovely comment, and thank you very much! Your husband posed an interesting question that now has me thinking. I am pretty sure I would want to be some kind of bird, but not quite sure which. Eagles certainly are majestic and pretty high on the food chain, so that is a safe and exciting bet. Painting is a totally wonderful experience and I hope you do take the plunge and get into it. I would suggest watercolor, because it’s so readily available, simple to work with (pigments, water and paper get you off to a pretty good start) and it’s so fun to see how the paints flow and “do their thing.” I would suggest viewing some tutorials to at least get you started. There are some great ones on YouTube and around the net (Alison Fennell of Eastwitching has a blog on Worpress where she shares tutorials on several fun projects). Then I would suggest just jumping right in! Get some paints and paper and play around to see what they do!


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