Wicked Watermarks

red art gallery sign
red art gallery sign

Do you see that lettering on the column behind the art sign that says “Four Frames Art?”  It’s ok if you didn’t initially notice it….that means I did my job!  That watermark, as it’s commonly called, serves to identify me, or my company, as the creator of that picture and wards off pirates, thieves, right-clickers, photo savers and other unscrupulous individuals who might copy my photo and use it without permission.  Or at least attribution…c’mon, a girl deserves some credit!

I read a lot about art and photography, and I have to say that no other topic has come up more frequently than whether a watermark should/should not be added to artwork.  Some say it’s absolutely necessary to prevent people from stealing creativity.  That is particularly easy in this now digital world, so I would say they have a point there. Others decide to bypass marking their work in an effort to keep their creations pure and unadulterated.  Here is a recent tweet that squawks pretty clearly about the latter:

What do you think about that?  Personally, I think there can be happy medium.  I do like to mark all of my work, but not necessarily just because of the typical reasons.  I want to get my company’s name out there!  Putting it on my work can help with that, and oddly enough, this is a case where sharing and copying actually can be advantageous!  However, all of that free advertising aside, I don’t ever want my name to detract from the work of art. As in the photo above, I try to be somewhat discreet about adding a watermark.  Hopefully that creates a nice balance for both me and the viewer.


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