Time is fleeting

broken pocket watch

I painted this in response to a creative cue hosted here.  The photo cue was that of a broken pocket watch, and for some reason it made me think of how time is fleeting.  Hence, I expounded upon that with this piece.

Don’t let time wash away on you…enjoy every moment!


5 thoughts on “Time is fleeting”

  1. I love how you’ve suggested the inner workings with the cogs at the centre. The blue wash spilling out like floods of tears (or deoxygenated blood?!) reminds me of ‘time and tide…’, as did the scrolling pattern on Shafali’s pic. Super response 🙂

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  2. Wow! This is fantastic. There couldn’t have been a better visual response to my cue-art. I love the blue – A flood of tears, or a flood on a terrain resulting in tears – each time I look at it, it means something more.

    Thanks for participating. I hope that some of my future cue-arts too would find company in your art.

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