Straight From The Tube

What an impactful experiment. This has inspired me to do the same with watercolor, just to see what the results are. I am expecting a more fluid impression with a high color impact. The latter is really exciting to me, as it sometimes can be tough to get a good saturation of color with watercolor paint, since it lightens when it dries. We will see what we get!!!

Where Creativity Works

I love experimenting different ways to apply paint to a canvas! With this non-objective painting I was applying some of the paint directly from the tube. This creates an interesting impasto look to the painting and not to mention it is so much fun.

20160115_154904.jpg First approach

I was working with oil paint and began the painting with a limited color palette. Using different variations of ultramarine blue, permanent green, titanium white and flesh tint I began to play with the composition of my colors. My painting started off vertical and as I kept painting I ended up switching it to horizontal. With non-objective paintings it sometimes can help to flip the orientation of the painting to see what else it has to offer.

After I switched the orientation the painting I was able to identify which areas needed work. It’s fun to experiment with colors by putting certain ones next…

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