About Me

I have always been a lover of things creative.

A photographer since childhood, I have been fascinated with learning photography techniques via books, online resources (particularly The New York Institute of Photography website), and through trial and error.  My joy in taking pictures often comes from finding unique vantage points from which to point and shoot.  My goal is always to depict something special about my subject and to convey its heartbeat.

I’ve dabbled in art since high school, where I started drawing things in pencil.  My pictures changed from lead to oil right around the time I graduated from college (I blame my college art history professor for turning me on to Vincent Van Gogh, who still remains one of my favorite artists).  I had fun painting portraits and abstract pieces with oils and sometimes acrylics.  Recently, I met a lovely artist online (Alison Fennell), and she turned me on to watercolour.  I was always scared of this medium, particularly because it didn’t seem as “forgiving” as oil did.  Once watercolor seeps into paper, it maintains the grip and refuses to budge completely.  However, I have learned to appreciate lifting and layers, and it has made my new venture much less scary.  I love the bleeding effect, and currently I am setting my sights on experimenting with paintings that depict, or suggest, a subject’s movement via how the watercolor is placed (particularly around the edges). 

I thank you for taking a moment to peer into my thoughts and motivations, and I hope my art makes you feel something significant. 


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I have also been interested in art from a young age. One of my first aspirations was to be “a famous artist”, but then someone told me that if I wanted to be a “famous” artist, it wouldn’t happen until I died (this person has no recollection of telling me this, but I remember it because it definitely left an impression). I was fortunate to be able to take some art classes so I have some basics and worked with watercolor so I understand being a little intimidated by it. 😉

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    1. Thanks for the lovely note Melissa! I was just joking about being famous after I am dead the other day. Luckily, I am painting mostly for the enjoyment of it, so being famous can come a little late ;-). Glad someone understands my fear when it comes to watercolor. I have, since writing my about page, discovered that layering is a very big advantage there, and most mistakes can at least be smoothed over. I do hope you continue to enjoy creating!

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