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Because It’s Monday! #2 – Yellow WildFlowers

Adding a little sunshine to your Monday :-)!

Snehal Kank


It’s almost 60°F on weekend, warm sunny days are here! These beautiful flowers to welcome a week.

I started with pencil drawing followed by outline by micron pen. Wanted to keep it in loose style. About transparency, I was little worried in the beginning but somehow I got it.

Thank you for visiting. Have great week ahead.

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Sketches: shasta daisies and a bouquet of flowers.

Such lovely work…


I love the big summer Shasta daisies…they provide the most beautiful splotches of white colour in the garden, especially in the evenings.

shasta daisies

watertcolour and nib pen in Daler rowney sketchook, 21×29.7cm

shasta daisies

I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from our neighbors this past weekend…Gerbera daises, Gypsophillas, and dark red cockscombs.

..bouquet de fleurs..

watertcolour and pentel brushpebn in Daler rowney sketchook, 21×29.7cm

bouquet de fleurs

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Sweet Summer

blackberries ripening on a vine
blackberries ripening on a vine

Nothing says summer (at least in the south) like blackberries turning ripe on the side of the road!

Many Parts

Intricate:  : having many complexly interrelating parts or elements

This week’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge asked for photos that depict something intricate.  I went for an early morning drive around our downtown area, looking for things that fell under this category.  Luckily, I stumbled upon several treasures, and have shared my favorites below.  I hope you enjoy the many intricacies of this post.