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F Is For Flamingo

What a lovely shape and colors!


Flamingo Doodlewash

The hands down most suggested bird was a Flamingo for today’s doodlewash and entry into Draw A Bird Day (hosted this month by Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness on behalf of Laura at Create Art Everyday). I decided to try this one fast and loose and limit the palette to just three main colors. I also had precious little time to paint today, so this was really my only option.

Flamingos have rather tiny eyes, so getting an expression was a bit tough. I prefer things with larger eyes, but it was fun to play with brighter colors. Had I more time, this one would be standing in water, but I purposely cropped that bit and just focused on the bird instead. Flamingo comes from the Spanish word flamenco, “with the colour of flame”, or colloquially just meaning “cocky” which I guess you can be when you are…

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Owl Try This Again Sometime

I just finished “Archimedes”, my little Saw Whet owl.  While painting this I tried to start incorporating some much looser strokes, and I spent a lot of time flicking the brush around the edges to create atmosphere and dynamics.  Even at rest, I wanted this guy to have some energy!

watercolor painting of screech owl
watercolor painting of screech owl

Yellow Jello

I had fun finishing another jellyfish watercolor, this time in yellow.  I love the way I could just let the paints flow and do what they want, particularly around the tentacles.  I also tried to be cognizant of where the shadows fell on the creature, emphasizing those with dark colors, in order to add some depth.

Yellow jellyfish watercolor artwork
Yellow jellyfish watercolor artwork

A New Angle

watercolor jellyfish

Yesterday I pined to figure out what new subject I should try to tackle in watercolor.  I wanted something that would really marry well with the medium and allow me to capture the essence of it.  Finally, after much pondering (ok, and a Google search for “popular motifs” in an attempt to stay trendy),  I had this inspiration to paint a jellyfish!  Watercolor, water, what’s in water…jellyfish, right?  That aside, I just think they are beautiful and so graceful.  Their image lends itself to the watercolor medium, as they often look like live paintings to me as they float through the water.  So here is my first attempt at one!  I hope I can dabble in a few more types and colors; I hope to discover more about them as I explore each new one as a subject. Inspiration…sometimes hard to find, but so exciting when it finally comes!

The Patriot

Finally finished my latest large work, “The Patriot”.  This has been my most ambitious project to date, and I learned a lot doing this piece, especially about color blending and working with straight black and white.  This boy is definitely proud to be an American, and I am so proud I got to create him!!!

Bald Eagle bleeding red, white and blue
Bald Eagle in watercolor