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Partially completed watercolor butterfly

Second layer is done, and I am getting some lovely color to develop on this guy’s wings! I did not blend colors as much and love how there are some “patches” that are happening!


Inspiration Fluttering By

butterfly on a flower
black swallowtail butterfly

When it comes to my artwork, one of the inspirations that keeps motivating me is … butterflies!  I love their bright colors and lovely diverse shapes.  On top of that, it makes me blissful and calm when I think of how gracefully and easily they navigate their surroundings, fluttering through the air or landing on one flower and then the next.  Never in a hurry and always, seemingly, bearing a sense of purpose.

I am lucky, then, that we have a butterfly garden in a nearby park.  It houses many beautiful plants and features which draw in fluttering beauties continually during the summer months.  As a way to get inspired, I recently decided to visit there, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  The day was sunny and beautiful, and there were many different types of butterflies visiting flowers all around.

small butterfly visiting a flower
small butterfly visiting a flower

In the middle of the garden, there were chairs where visitors could lounge and take in a view of the garden or relax with a book.  What a lovely place!

a circle of chairs in a butterfly garden

I circled the entire grounds several times and stopped to observe as many butterflies as I could.  They allowed me to come very close, as you can see here (I took all pictures with a smartphone and did not zoom in!):


Bees were also enjoying the bright blooms and nectar buffet.  Luckily they were too occupied with work to get agitated about a camera “buzzing around.”

two bees collecting nectar
two bees collecting nectar

Here are all of the great scenes I was able to capture at the garden.  I can’t wait to recreate some of these beautiful things with my paintbrush!

Sepia Scribbles


I visited a really cool art store (PLA-ZA) while I was recently in Nashville, and one of the things they had was watercolor markers.  I have become somewhat familiar with watercolor pencils, but had not seen or tried markers.  I was totally giddy!  I decided to buy one to play around with (a Winsor & Newton in sepia), and here is a butterfly I just quickly scribbled out with it.  The pen was very smooth, and I was able to draw almost brushlike strokes and fine lines using both sides of the marker.  It also goes on a bit darker with the brushtip, so you can achieve some color variation! I will have to get more colors and see where they take me!

Fantastic First


I am so excited that I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday!  Of course it’s always wonderful to experience the sale of goods, but really the best part of this is that someone enjoys what I create as an artist and that my creations will be in the hands of those outside of my home.  A little piece of me will now be near Washington D.C.!  I have wanted to visit there, so it’s pretty cool that there is some progress with this dream as well.  Here was my kitchen island last night, as I made sure things were matted and secured properly…


It took a bit of time for me to learn how to mat things professionally, but it was totally worth it!  I have always wanted to pass on quality to my customer, and this allows me to do that.

Here’s the final arrangement of items, just about ready to be packaged and sent (with a few surprises which shall remain secret for the fun of it).  So glad these butterflies get to fly home today!


Colorful Concoction

wpid-img_20150607_233447.jpgI am really starting to love painting butterflies!  As I am currently trying to work on color saturation and trying to find the perfect balance between pigment and water, they offer me a great way to experiment.  This guy, in particular, is filled with so many colors, and I really tried to get them as true to life as possible.  I ended up putting about four layers on top of each other by the time I was finished, and I am happy with the depth of color.  The “grand finale” did give me a little bit of anxiety, as I wanted a good amount of color flow around the edges, but not too much to overwhelm and take away from the focal point.  Hopefully I achieved a decent balance.  I still need to come up with a name for this piece, while it dries.  Racking my brain…