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Because It’s Monday! #2 – Yellow WildFlowers

Adding a little sunshine to your Monday :-)!

Snehal Kank


It’s almost 60°F on weekend, warm sunny days are here! These beautiful flowers to welcome a week.

I started with pencil drawing followed by outline by micron pen. Wanted to keep it in loose style. About transparency, I was little worried in the beginning but somehow I got it.

Thank you for visiting. Have great week ahead.

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Another Bird in the Hand

watercolor of Pilealated Woodpecker
watercolor of Pilealated Woodpecker

Here is my newly completed work “Chopper”.  He is a North American Pileated Woodpecker, and it was fun hanging out with him as he took shape.  I am really trying to find a balance between being detailed and adding some splashes, spills, and splatters to create a dynamic.  I think the balance in this piece is a bit closer to where I want to be.


Owl Try This Again Sometime

I just finished “Archimedes”, my little Saw Whet owl.  While painting this I tried to start incorporating some much looser strokes, and I spent a lot of time flicking the brush around the edges to create atmosphere and dynamics.  Even at rest, I wanted this guy to have some energy!

watercolor painting of screech owl
watercolor painting of screech owl

Inspiration Fluttering By

butterfly on a flower
black swallowtail butterfly

When it comes to my artwork, one of the inspirations that keeps motivating me is … butterflies!  I love their bright colors and lovely diverse shapes.  On top of that, it makes me blissful and calm when I think of how gracefully and easily they navigate their surroundings, fluttering through the air or landing on one flower and then the next.  Never in a hurry and always, seemingly, bearing a sense of purpose.

I am lucky, then, that we have a butterfly garden in a nearby park.  It houses many beautiful plants and features which draw in fluttering beauties continually during the summer months.  As a way to get inspired, I recently decided to visit there, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  The day was sunny and beautiful, and there were many different types of butterflies visiting flowers all around.

small butterfly visiting a flower
small butterfly visiting a flower

In the middle of the garden, there were chairs where visitors could lounge and take in a view of the garden or relax with a book.  What a lovely place!

a circle of chairs in a butterfly garden

I circled the entire grounds several times and stopped to observe as many butterflies as I could.  They allowed me to come very close, as you can see here (I took all pictures with a smartphone and did not zoom in!):


Bees were also enjoying the bright blooms and nectar buffet.  Luckily they were too occupied with work to get agitated about a camera “buzzing around.”

two bees collecting nectar
two bees collecting nectar

Here are all of the great scenes I was able to capture at the garden.  I can’t wait to recreate some of these beautiful things with my paintbrush!

Sweet Summer

blackberries ripening on a vine
blackberries ripening on a vine

Nothing says summer (at least in the south) like blackberries turning ripe on the side of the road!