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The Patriot

Finally finished my latest large work, “The Patriot”.  This has been my most ambitious project to date, and I learned a lot doing this piece, especially about color blending and working with straight black and white.  This boy is definitely proud to be an American, and I am so proud I got to create him!!!

Bald Eagle bleeding red, white and blue
Bald Eagle in watercolor

Sepia Scribbles


I visited a really cool art store (PLA-ZA) while I was recently in Nashville, and one of the things they had was watercolor markers.  I have become somewhat familiar with watercolor pencils, but had not seen or tried markers.  I was totally giddy!  I decided to buy one to play around with (a Winsor & Newton in sepia), and here is a butterfly I just quickly scribbled out with it.  The pen was very smooth, and I was able to draw almost brushlike strokes and fine lines using both sides of the marker.  It also goes on a bit darker with the brushtip, so you can achieve some color variation! I will have to get more colors and see where they take me!

Colorful Concoction

wpid-img_20150607_233447.jpgI am really starting to love painting butterflies!  As I am currently trying to work on color saturation and trying to find the perfect balance between pigment and water, they offer me a great way to experiment.  This guy, in particular, is filled with so many colors, and I really tried to get them as true to life as possible.  I ended up putting about four layers on top of each other by the time I was finished, and I am happy with the depth of color.  The “grand finale” did give me a little bit of anxiety, as I wanted a good amount of color flow around the edges, but not too much to overwhelm and take away from the focal point.  Hopefully I achieved a decent balance.  I still need to come up with a name for this piece, while it dries.  Racking my brain…

Delightful Display

Easel made from twigs
Easel made from twigs

I wanted a unique way to display my art for sale, and so had this idea to create an easel out of the twigs in my garden.  This is what resulted.  I do really like the way it turned out, but my next challenge is to tie it in with the more modern approach I took with my logo (this is reading “shabby chic” to me right now)

Perhaps I can add some colored flowers around the edge that match my color palette?  Hmmm…this should be an interesting challenge.

Hummingbird No. 1

Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird
Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird

I have finally finished my latest painting and have fallen in love with the rich colors and detail I was able to add to this it.  I wasn’t always enamored with this piece and thought about filing it away in the garbage can a few times.  I still struggle with the fact that watercolor paintings often don’t look very composed until the very end, and so at some points this bird looked like an hummingbird outlined colorblock quilt.  Good thing my daughter convinced me to keep forging ahead!  As colors started becoming richer and blank spaces filled in, layer after layer, the hummingbird came through.  I hope you enjoy this little fellow and thanks for viewing!