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What’s Next?

Have you even wondered about your favorite artists and what they might have forgotten, left out, or failed to create because they lived in their particular era?   In other words, they created what they did and now….what’s next?  This is the inspiration behind our new weekly art blogging event “What’s Next Wednesday.”  Each week on, you guessed it, Wednesday, we will post a new prompt which asks you to expand on something a well known artist has already done.  The goal is for you to channel the spirit of the original artist and then add your own spin!  You can find all the details here along with a few simple rules to keep you from going all willy nilly on us.  No worries, your creativity will still be able to flow freely.

To get the thought process flowing, here is a reinterpretation of Van Gogh’s famous piece Starry Night.


Perhaps this is how Van Gogh would have completed the work, had he enjoyed the use of digital equipment?  Maybe this is Starry Night over a desert instead and there was a cactus in the foreground.  In any case, the spirit of Van Gogh remains, but a new identity has been achieved.  So, dream about stars, computers and cacti tonight, and we’ll see you tomorrow for the very first installment of “What’s Next Wednesday!”




Shiny New Toys

Tubes of Winsor and Newton watercolor pigments

Little Collared Lizard


Little Collared LIzard Doodlewash

According to your vote, we have something bumpy that crawls around in this doodlewash of a little collared lizard. The cool part about this little guy is that he can also run on his hind legs making him resemble a theropod dinosaur like a velociraptor. Cool, I guess, because we just watched Jurassic World 3D again last night and I still have dinosaurs on the brain. Unfortunately, lizards were actually found fossilized inside the stomach of dinosaurs, so this guy wouldn’t have liked to hang out with his fellow theropods very much.

Philippe has loved dinosaurs ever since he was a kid and Jurassic Park was one of the reasons he chose Biology as his field of study. I was nervous for him when we went to see Jurassic World in the theater as I wondered if they could bring back the magic of the first film, since the two after the original were pretty horrible in comparison…

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Face Time

bald eagle painted in watercolor
bald eagle painted in watercolor

I spent last night working on my large eagle painting.  His face got some color, I softened the blacks where I had drawn in watercolor pencil, and I worked some strokes up from his collar area so that it starts looking like there are separate feathers.  There are lots of details left to add (and a big, “watercolory” surprise at the end), but I am getting excited about the look of this guy.  I am trying not to get too excited, as painting one of our national symbols comes with a lot of responsibility and I don’t want to overthink or become too fussy, but yeah, I am excited with a side order of calmness. Hopefully there will be more paint and coffee flowing tonight!

Colorful Concoction

wpid-img_20150607_233447.jpgI am really starting to love painting butterflies!  As I am currently trying to work on color saturation and trying to find the perfect balance between pigment and water, they offer me a great way to experiment.  This guy, in particular, is filled with so many colors, and I really tried to get them as true to life as possible.  I ended up putting about four layers on top of each other by the time I was finished, and I am happy with the depth of color.  The “grand finale” did give me a little bit of anxiety, as I wanted a good amount of color flow around the edges, but not too much to overwhelm and take away from the focal point.  Hopefully I achieved a decent balance.  I still need to come up with a name for this piece, while it dries.  Racking my brain…