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In Black and White


When I first began my journey with watercolor, I closely followed an artist who used a combination of colors to produce black.  She would, for instance, mix blue and brown to produce a wide array of grays and an “almost black,” which then could be used to give paintings an interesting depth of color while providing contrast.  I never remember her using white, although there were instances where masking fluid was used to allow the white of the paper to add dimension.

Hence I never added black or white to my collection of paints.  Until now!  As I have explored different artwork, I have become very intrigued with the dimension that black can add to a work and how it can make other colors become more prominent in a painting.  Alongside that is the notion that it just completes the range of colors that make up most of what we see.  Real life has lots of white and black so this lends itself to art as well;  this makes art more recognizable to us.

I look forward to creating some pieces with my new passion for white and black.  Can’t wait to share them with you!


Hummingbird No. 1

Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird
Watercolor Painting of Hummingbird

I have finally finished my latest painting and have fallen in love with the rich colors and detail I was able to add to this it.  I wasn’t always enamored with this piece and thought about filing it away in the garbage can a few times.  I still struggle with the fact that watercolor paintings often don’t look very composed until the very end, and so at some points this bird looked like an hummingbird outlined colorblock quilt.  Good thing my daughter convinced me to keep forging ahead!  As colors started becoming richer and blank spaces filled in, layer after layer, the hummingbird came through.  I hope you enjoy this little fellow and thanks for viewing!