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Many Parts

Intricate:  : having many complexly interrelating parts or elements

This week’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge asked for photos that depict something intricate.  I went for an early morning drive around our downtown area, looking for things that fell under this category.  Luckily, I stumbled upon several treasures, and have shared my favorites below.  I hope you enjoy the many intricacies of this post.




Cemetery mausoleum with wreath

I love the beauty of this mausoleum and the way the flower wreath adds a bit of softness among the stone and wood.  The wood cutouts on the door are quite spectacular as well, so perhaps a close up of those is in order some time in the future!

Photo Tiles

Photo tile on display
Photo tile on display
Photo Tiles on Display
Photo Tiles on Display

I love placing some of my photos on tiles and covering them in decoupage. There is something so earthy about the feel of the stone and a picture of something natural lying on top of it.

Grieving Woman

Stone cemetery statue
Stone cemetery statue

I have a thing for taking photos in cemeteries.  Some of the most beautiful sculptures can be found there, including this one of a grieving woman keeping watch over a grave.