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Yellow Jello

I had fun finishing another jellyfish watercolor, this time in yellow.  I love the way I could just let the paints flow and do what they want, particularly around the tentacles.  I also tried to be cognizant of where the shadows fell on the creature, emphasizing those with dark colors, in order to add some depth.

Yellow jellyfish watercolor artwork
Yellow jellyfish watercolor artwork

Butterfly Bliss

I wpid-img_20150501_124305.jpglove the butterflies that come to visit my garden during the summer.  We get all colors and kinds.  Although many of them flutter around when I catch them, this little guy was nice enough to pose for me!

Spiral Light

A beautiful overhead restaurant light captures the imagination.

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs
Devilled eggs

I absolutely love food photography.  The whole process of it…cooking a great meal, smelling the aromas wafting through the kitchen, designing the best way for the food to grace the plate, and then of course capturing the best shot of it.  Here is a view of one of my favorite snappetizers (snack or appetizer).  Devilled eggs…who can resist???